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Respecting Wisdom and Despising Folly

Respecting wisdom and despising folly is also a fundamental humanity. The Greek-rooted word “philosophy” just means “loving wisdom”. Mankind loves wisdom, sometimes their impulse for seeking wisdom is even stronger than the impulse for seeking joy, and they have an insuppressible respect, admiration and worship for wise people. Our love for the mastermind Zhuge Liang […]

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Becoming gods to maximize mankind joy

Omniscience and omnipotence means reaching the peak in wisdom and ability.  For a person, wisdom and ability are the roots of his joy. Sukhomlinskkie said quite well: “One person’s happiness is just the happiness of a society, and after all, it depends on the abilities shown in the person and depends on the outstanding abilities […]

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Omniscience and omnipotence are attributes of God

Omniscience and omnipotence are the attributes of God; if a person becomes “immortal”, it will reach the summit in “knowledge” and “ability”.  Omniscience and omnipotence are quite possible. Its foundation is eternal life. If a person can live to 2000 years, and keeps learning and struggling all the time, he will equal a hundred doctors, […]

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