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Tai Chi Movement Concept and Essentials

tai chi Movement Concept and Essentials. Under regulation of “Root in Tai Chi”, Tai Chi has continually absorbed Tai Chi philosophy and gradually completed composition of philosophy and Quan theory in its long term practice, and now through Quanshu sports (Shadowboxing), Tai Chi may embody elegence of Tai Chi philosophy, exhibit brilliance of rational Tai […]

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Introduction to Chinese Kung Fu, schools, weapons and martial morality ethics defined

Introduction to Chinese kung fu, schools, weapons and martial ethics morality defined Introduction to Chinese Kung Fu, schools, weapons, martial ethics and etiquette. Introduce Chinese Kung Fu,or Chinese Wushu,including tai chi quan, shaolin quan etc, selling related books,dvds and vcds. It is chinese kung fu by Iflove, 1131028266 Report sent Spam Reply Thumbs Up Thumbs […]

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