Sex talk tips: how to talk dirty

sex talk-how to do dirty talk

sex talk-how to do dirty talk

Sex talk is a tricky subject. Dirty talk is an important step before having sex. Here are some “aural seduction techniques“.

Blank canvas
Before you even open your mouth clear your mind. Lying back and thinking of England/work deadlines/ironing will make your lover feel about as sexy as a chewed shoe horn.

Ditch the autopilot

Give your lover your undivided attention and they will feel wanted. Desire is a more potent aphrodisiac than any sex toy in any of the best-stocked sex shops.


Aural sex can be sizzling but it’s not about using as many obscenities as possible. By being sensual, you can read aloud a telephone directory and still sound sexy.

Literary help
To ease you in, you could read to your lover the naughty bits from literary greats like Thomas Hardy’s Tess Of The D’Urbervilles or Homer’s The Iliad. Alternatively, try the erotic classic Story of O.

Lost for words

You may not be ready to act out your wildest sexual fantasies but you can safely explore them in erotic story telling with your lover. What was it you wanted to do with that whipped cream?

Apply the brakes

A slower pace of aural seduction says to your lover “I have all the time in the world to seduce you.” It also gives you time to think about what you are going to say next.

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