Shouxihu Lake and Lemon Lake in Yangzhou China

Shouxihu Lake and Lemon Lake

“Visiting Yangzhou in March when flowers are in their full blossom in mists” is an ancient description of the beautiful sceneries of Yangzhou.

During the spring, new buds in willow trees grow out and peach flowers are in their full blossom. The Shouxihu Lake area is decorated with bending willows, peonies and aquatic birds. It’s really a land that suits all climates. An ancient saying reads: “everyone talks about Shouxihu Lake, because it is a bit narrower than Xihu Lake”. The most miraculous scene of Shouxihu Lake lies in that it is narrower. Green water ripples in the breeze; pavilions seem to be carved with jades and they erect straight in the mists. It’s really a miraculous and wonderful landscape. 

Lemon Lake of Swiss is a sheet of clear ripples and it flows quietly. Its two banks are covered with prosperous and dense forests and all sorts of birds are singing amidst the trees. In the distance, it sets against white clouds and the blue sky, which adds a lot to its elegance. Ancient castles are constructed along the mountain slopes or are embedded in the water; they shadow into the lake and appear to be more charming.

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