Stem Cell Research and Anti-aging Technology

Besides the gene engineering,people have found the great value of the stem cell to ageless life. In December 1999,US journal Science announced the results of rating of the scientific progress of the world of the year, in which the research findings in the stem cell were listed in the top position of the ten major fields of scientific progress, before the human genome engineering, although the latter had attracted worldwide attention and cost a great capital outlay.

In “stem cell”, “stem” contains the meaning of “tree stem” or “origin”,thus, a stem cell is a cell of origin (originating cell).

What contribution can the stem cell make to ageless life? Professor Chen Runsheng of Biophysics Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences tells us such a research:Harvard’s researchers taught two parrots to sing first,then, damaged the brain central nerve of one parrot, so, this parrot lost its singing ability. Then, the researchers took the stem cell from another parrot and fixed it into this damaged parrot, and a wonder appeared: the parrot that had lost its singing ability could sing again as before! After differentiation, the stem cell restored the damaged brain central nerve of the parrot. After the stem cell enters a foreign body, it can repair and integrate the original function of the damaged cell according to the receptor’s information.

Because of the stem cell,the concept of organ transplantation is being replaced by the concept of cellular transplantation gradually, and it has also solved the rejection problem of allotransplantation. When your eyes become nearsighted or are injured,just by taking out the stem cell from your eyeball, you will be able to recover your eyes. When the heart, liver or lungs go wrong,is it still necessary to transplant a new organ? Just by planting your stem cell, you can reach the aim of organ transplanting, and there is no rejection reaction,being a pure self-repairing.

In the past, scientists always thought only the stem cell taken from the embryo had the potential to grow into different tissues. The new research progress has made it easy to take grown-ups’ stem cells and there is no ethic problem, which has brought about a new hope for stem cell research. Along with the continual progress of life technology, in the measurable future, mankind will be able to use the self-produced “original parts” conveniently, thus, wherever an organ goes wrong, we can do self-repairing by replacing. In this way, do we need to worry about the inability to “live forever”?

Moreover, the stem cell has changed “anti-aging” into “removal of aging”,marking a new milestone for the conquest of aging. The past anti-aging method relies on hormone drugs, such as melatonin, growth hormone, thymic factor, dehydrogenated epiandrosterone (DHEA) and so on,plus some vitamins such as A, E, C and so on;Common elements such as kalium, calcium, magnesium, iron, etc., and microelements such as selenium, germanium, etc., can also be used in the drugs. These drugs may have a little anti-aging effect. But the stem cell technology can replace all kinds of stale parts very conveniently. If we take the human body as a machine,when we have found some cells, tissues or organs are not ideal, we may renew them, thus, we can remove aging completely from our body.

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