Iflove News Summary on Chinese Kung Fu or Martial Arts

Iflove News Summary on Chinese kung fu or Martial Arts

A Special RCO Tribute to Joe Lewis
It has been a wild couple of months in which I have been all over the country so it’s time for an update and a tribute to martial arts legend Joe Lewis.
by Richard Ryan

Real World Knife Fighting

What happens when two people square up for a knife fight? Well, the reality is that this type of thing rarely happens in the real world. Rarely do two hostile combatants face each other toe-to-toe for a battle of the blades. First off, to face a blade at all is stupid. So many things can go wrong that could find yourself talking to God pretty quick. One misjudgment, one mistake and you are meat on a coroners slab. Although statistically more people live than die from gunshots and stab wounds I for one do not want to try my luck unless the only other option is death. Why then should we take the time to learn how to survive a real knife fight?

More Key Principles on Chinese Kung Fu

In this issue of Real Combat Online, I will conclude my discussion of some of the most important principles of combat from Jun Fan/Jeet Kune Do.  I will start this off by explaining what we refer to as the theory of facing.  When engaged in combat with an opponent, you assume the bai jong by lining up your centerline with their central line, also sometimes referred to as the motherline.  The term central line is used to describe where their center of mass is located, as they might not face you with their centerline exposed.  This method of facing the opponent enables you to place yourself in position to protect your centerline from any attack they might attempt.  This also assists you with getting the proper foot alignment in relation to the opponent’s position.  This is extremely important, as improper stance alignment can offset your balance and take away your torque capability, rendering your footwork and attacks useless!
by Sifu Lamar M. Davis II

Long Gun Weapons Retention

It is obvious that one of the greatest advantages of a firearm is distance, this is especially true of a long gun. So when using a long gun at distance there is not much need for weapon retention. But, when we take a long gun into an environment like the inside of building or down a narrow ally weapon retention is very important. Remember, just because you have a rifle or shotgun does not mean you will be able to use it. One of the best ways to defeat any firearm is to get close to it; this is especially true with a long gun. In an enclosed environment it is much easier for your opponent to get a hold of a long gun then a handgun. Once they get a hold of the weapon it will be easy for them to control the weapon, control you, and stop you from using the weapon against them.

Change Comes From Within

Without question, Tacoma has established a reputation and status that few other cities would care to embrace, or declare. It is no wonder with the high statistics on unemployment, divorce, and property crime, that the youth and young adults of Tacoma have established a reputation for fighting. Off the street and into the squared circle of competition, Tacoma has a long history of turning out Olympic contenders in the sport of Boxing. Growing up, I had the distinct pleasure of being friends with Olympic champions and contenders such as Sugar Ray Seales, Leo Randolf, Davey Armstrong, Dale Grant, and others. Those of us who never aspired to competitive boxing did our fighting in the alleys and back-streets of Tacoma. Compiled by Jennifer Zhan

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