Tai Chi Movement Concept: development history of Taijiquan

tai chi Movement Concept, which inosculates Tai Chi philosophy and human body Movement Concept rules.

Tai Chi Movement Concept is a new subject, but also seems an old topic. Saying it new is in respect that it’s popularized rapidly at home and abroad, and there’s lack of articles of systematic research on Tai Chi Movement Concept, which inosculates Tai Chi philosophy and human body Movement Concept rules. Saying it an old topic, it is in respect that there exists centuries-old and profound cultural history on this topic.

The word of “Tai Chi” firstly appeared in “Zhou Yi/I Ching”, an ancient Chinese literature written in pre-Qin dynasty (? – 221B.C.); Chinese Wushu had formed its system in pre-Qin dynasty already; the word of “movement” appeared in early Han dynasty (206B.C.—A.D.220).

Furthermore Lu Jiayi had suggested in his work “New Discovery and Prudence” two thousand years before that: “Act by suitable time, move in accordance with Yin and Yang”. The Tai Chi Quan or Taijiquan appeared in Ming dynasty (A.D.1368–1644) and Qing dynasty (A.D.1644–1911 gradually inosculated phases, numbers and theory of “Tai Chi” into Quanshu (Boxing sports). And now Tai Chi, which contains “Tai Chi Movement Concept” has already been developed into a popular sport activity in the world. The centuries-old and profound characters of the “old topic” have provided rich literature materials and practical accumulation. Probe into the “new subject” sets foundation in philosophical summary and explanation and was aimed to start from Wushu’s influence on Tai Chi thought; moreover, through apparent surface of Tai Chi, to disclose essentials of Tai Chi Movement concept; to refine the characteristics of Tai Chi Movement Concept; and to probe into epoch significance of Tai Chi Movement Concept; then to summarize “Tai Chi Song” as the finis of this article on the basis of aforesaid discussions. 

I hope to utilize Tai Chi Movement Concept sublimed from practice of Tai Chi sports, so as to direct development of Tai Chi sports, to devote further more for human health and world peace. Through research on Tai Chi Movement Concept, I also would like to do some contributions to help to establish Tai Chi kinematics, which has different characteristics from western kinematics.

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