Taijiquan Circle Track Movement Viewpoint

The influence of tai chi movement on human body achieves through laying physical and mental burdens on practitioners, revoking respondent changes in the body and promoting the function of organism. Tai Chi lays stress on the importance of movement in accordance with the thought of “Zhou Yi and Xiang Shang” that: “Weakness causes changes, changes make the channels and collaterals unimpeded, and in turn the unimpeded channels and collaterals keep health long time”, “If the channels and collaterals are unimpeded, the man will constantly become stronger”. I want to point out that the stress the Tai Chi laid on is circle track movement, but not direct track movement, this kind of circle track movement is embodied via specific movement manners of turning waist, backbone, shoulders, wrists, legs and feet.

The small circle of human body is critically related with big circulations of the universe, the sun and the moon. “Spirit and Body, Fifty Stations” (an ancient Chinese philosophic article) had calculated that a period of channels and collaterals body in a day and a night corresponds to that of universe in accordance with the principle of circle of channels and collaterals of body corresponding to that of the sun. It said that the optimal number of breath in a day is 13,500 times, it’s less than that of present average one times, that is standard of breath for present people. The abdomen-styled breathe, which is adopted in Tai Chi practice, is also follows this principle.

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