Technological advances have strengthened mankind greatly

 Technological advances have strengthened mankind greatly;Technological leaps have broke up the myth that everything was created by God;Maybe, it is just because of the technological revolution that Nietzschean cried “God has died”.

 Technological impediments are not so hard to overcome or break through,and in contrast,what is hardest to break through or cross over is the gulf in people’s ideology. The biggest prison in the world is the prison of the brain. People are prisoners of their ideology. The true revolution occurs in people’s brain, and that is the ideological revolution. The ideological revolution is a complete re-judgment on the established values, is to liberate people’s spirit from the prison of old ideas, and enter a brand-new world. If there is only technological revolution without ideological revolution,people’s sufferings might increase automatically. In a sense,technology and ideology are just like people’s feet and shoes. If the feet grow at an accelerated speed but the shoes remain unchanged,there will be a sharp conflict between technology and ideology, and such a conflict will cause people to feel very painful, like the shoe pinching the foot. If we cling to the traditional idea, and restrict or cut down technological development,it will be like cutting the feet to fit the shoes, only leading to a great loss for mankind.

 In history, ideological revolution was always unable to keep up with technological revolution. When mankind’s first test-tube baby Brown was born in 1978 in Britain, it caused a great ethical argument, and many people looked at this “extraterrestrial guest” with a strange eye, but now the test-tube babies all over the world have exceeded 300,000.Even the blood transfusion technology met with a strong resistance at the beginning, and even now there are still some people refusing blood transfusion treatment in western countries. The process of the acceptance of the contraceptive drug was also a process of struggle with mankind’s traditional concept. Until 1869,at the annual meeting of medical science in Britain, someone still condemned it: “All kinds of invention for restriction of the quantity of childbearing are indecent”. In 1916,Madam Sanger was thrown into prison because she advocated birth control in the USA, and all the world regarded it as a great scourge. It was only until 1965,one year before her death, that US Supreme Court cancelled the law of prohibition of married couples’ use of contraceptives. In 1972,both sexes of unmarried people got the same right; in 1973, women’s abortion right also got the recognition from the law. It was only then that birth control technology got its rights of existence, use and development finally.

 Whether a technological progress can be accepted by mankind, ultimately depends on whether it can bring happiness to mankind, not on whether it tallies with the moral standard, legal provisions and traditional ideas of a certain historical period. It is a universal truth, being correct forever.

 The truth is constant,but the ideology is changeable. If ideological revolution cannot keep up with technological revolution,it will impede or restrict technological development;If ideological revolution conforms to technological revolution,it will be able to promote and boost technological advances. The difference between an old ideology that impedes technological revolution and a new ideology that boosts technological revolution is not a difference between 1 and 2, but a difference between total disaster and total happiness of the world.

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