Technological Medicine for Eternal Life

No incurable disease will be incurable forever, and any disease will find a cure at last.

Since the ancient times, medical science has played a great role in mankind’s conquest of diseases. Today, in the 21st century, along with continual advance in high and new technology,and with continual leaps in high and new medicine, the flower of life will bloom more splendidly and will keep flourishing, bringing about new wonders continually.

According to experts’ predication,by the year 2020,even if a person is very healthy,he (she) may also need to take 3 pills every day,in order to prevent all kinds of troublesome diseases. Some are for preventing all kinds of cancer,some are for preventing diabetes, some are for preventing hypertensive and so on. Taking such measures for prevention will be a healthful life style, just like sports exercise.

Because of the look-ahead predictive way of thinking, the first medicine of the 21st century, preventive medicine, will be able to do better in prevention of diseases, so as to prolong our healthy life greatly.

 All in all,the major means of health and longevity can not get away from medicine,especially the high and new medicine of the 21st century. The great leaps in the high and new medicine have brought about continual breakthrough in all aspects such as overcoming of incurable diseases, organ transplantation, gene therapy, preventive medicine and so on, which will certainly lead to the great ideal of eternal life.

The high and new medical science of the 21st century will be another great power for realization of mankind’s dream of eternal life. ( Technological Medicine for Eternal Life )

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