The Second Declaration by Wang Xiaoping, a Book of Future Thinking

The Second Declaration is the first Chinese influential book in terms of “future thinking”. It is a book about Mystery of Fortune, about Future of Man, bout Prospect of Economy and about Truth of Fortune, Life and Dream The Book titled The Second Declaration is a remarkable work, which challenges Toffler’s the Third Wave, and works out a blueprint for man’s future. In 2003, the China’s Economic Press published 80.000 copies of this book as its first edition in mainland China, making quite a sensation. Once the book was completed, the copy rights and other books in traditional Chinese were sold out once and for all by the Hong Kong Economic One-Week Publishing Group. In this book titled The Second Declaration, the author Wang Xiaoping illustrates that the future determines the present. In this time of great change, everyone should learn to know, welcome and manage the future. In Wang Xiaoping’s description, the future is fascinating. By use of her beautiful words and vivid expressions, she shows in the book the trend of future economy, the trend of future culture, the trend of development of future human beings. She also tells people how to utilize these future trends so as to better choose education, occupation and career and even better choose their lifestyle and life mode. The Second Declaration is not only a book about mystery of fortune that will produce future millionaires and billionaires, but also a book about life science that will enable mankind to understand, respect and cherish life, and still a book that will have a far-reaching influence over mankind.Read The Second Declaration or see Wang Xiaoping at

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