THE SECOND DECLARATION combines Confucianism and Taoism the Souls Of Chinese Culture

In fact, the book THE SECOND DECLARATION is a very important work that combines the souls of Chinese Culture and the features of modern times. Chinese culture embodies on Confucianism and Taoism in its souls. Confucianism refers to “kindheartedness, harmony and cooperation” in its core thought, while Taoism to “Cultivate Yourself to be Immortal”. Modern times are characterized by the rapid advance of genes, cloning, stem cell and other technologies. The combination of the both will bring an unimaginable change to the present situation and future of mankind. With its exquisite style of writing, this book THE SECOND DECLARATION depicts a wonderful and fascinating future for mankind. Because of its bestseller qualities, THE SECOND DECLARATIONhas won good appraises and wide responses from all sides. And it is really on its road of a bestseller. In January 2007, the 1st World Publishing, USA signed the publishing contract. The publishing house promised that they would make the book an English bestseller. In the same year, a Spanish publisher also signed the publishing contract. The Spanish will publish before June 2007. By that time, the Spanish world will have a Spanish bestseller. 

The book titled THE SECOND DECLARATION is the first Chinese influential book in terms of “future thinking”, and it is an unprecedented book on man’s future in human history. For its some original ideas, the book can be put in the same category with Alvin Toffler’s The Third Wave.

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