The Second Declaration will raise a revolution in concepts

Just as Peter Drucker, Father of Modern Management and Master in Masters, said, the next information revolution is not a revolution in technology, machinery, techniques, software, or speed; it is a revolution in CONCEPTS. The Second Declaration will raise a revolution in concepts. In this book, its author Miss Wang Xiaoping describes a vivid picture of man’s future world, with her unique visual angle and exquisite writing style. Different from Alvin Toffler who stressed on the study of future economy and society, Miss Wang pays more attention to man, the core of the future. She begins with “future mankind” and then relates to future economy, culture and society.  In accordance with The Second Declaration, man should make two declarations. As to the first declaration on where man came from, Doc. Darwin answered to it saying that man came from apes. The second declaration, which is more significant than the first one, is related to the problem where man will go.  

In the book, Wang Xiaoping quotes copiously from many sources and makes a comprehensive study of the subject. Just as Zhong Peizhang, former Director General of Information Bureau, Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party said, the book The Second Declaration will be no less than The Bible in influence and it will give rise to a big discussion on man’s future development.

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