Three Gorges on Yangzi River

The Three Gorges on the Yangzi River – longest river in China


 Yangzi River is the longest river in China. It originates in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau; it penetrates Hengduan Mountain and enters Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau; after it passes the Sichuan Basin, it stretches to the three mighty gorges; then it flows down into the vast east sea.


The three gorges include Qutang gorge, Wu gorge, and Xiling gorge. Qutang gorge is mighty and scary, and the currents are quite rapid. Steep cliffs stand straight on the two banks and there is a saying “quimen is the mightiest gorge in the world”; in Wu gorge, the river valley is very wide, deep and elegant. The strange mountain peaks on the two banks are elegant and have multivariate shapes; a poem reads: “only nine peaks can be seen among the twelve; the boat is crowded with guests sightseeing the autumn. The clouds of the morning and the rains in the evening like murmuring, hairy apes cry all night in moonlight”; Xiling gorge has rapid currents and the peaks on the two banks rise high into the sky.


The beauty of the three gorges can be summarized as “mighty, scary, strange, and quiet”. Sailing across the three gorges, people have the feeling of traveling in a scroll. They are too happy to go back.


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