Tibetan Dresses and Adornments

No matter male or female, all Tibetan people wear robes all the year with long-sleeved silk shirts inside and colorful silk belts tied in waists. Tibetan robes are generally characterized by long sleeve, big front part, wide waist part and no pocket. Tibetan robes are divided into lambskin robes, fur robes and cotton robes. The Tibetan people wear hats in summer and wear lambskin caps or fox-skin caps in winter.

The Tibetan men in the agricultural area in the east of Qinghai do not wear their hair long, while those in Yushu, Guoluo, Huangnan and other areas are used to have long hair. The end of hair is tied with torsos in red or black threads into a single braid winded on top of head, with the braid tassel hanging beside the right ear.

All Tibetan women grow long hair made into many small braids. While double braids are popular in the agricultural area, with the braids covered in bread case and hanging at the back of ear or pressed under waist belt. The braid cases are always decorated with silver shield, silver bowl, amber and other adornments.

Both Tibetan men and women pay close attention to adornments. All men carry exquisite Tibetan knives in waist, which are decorated with silver and gold cover. The knife handles are mostly made of bone and decorated with agates. They always carry meticulously made wallets, steels and etc. with them. All women and men in Yushu, Guoluo and other places wear bracelets and silver finger rings decorated with agates. Both men and women carry square-shaped silver amulets in front of their bosoms, which contain scripts and Buddha figures. They hope the amulets can protect them from disaster and make them peaceful and happy.

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