Toyota Car Recall Gate Scandal: Toyota Recall Defects & Problems

Toyota Recall Reports, Defects & Problems: Because of defects of its accelerator pedal and brake system, Toyota had recalled 8.5 million cars totally within several months and the company was trapping in an unprecedented crisis. Now, Global Car Industry in Crisis, isn’t it?

Toyota Car Recall Gate Scandal Photo

Toyota Car Recall Gate Scandal Photo

Toyota Car Recall Gate Scandal on China’s Internet

Up to now, Toyota has recalled more than the number of sales of its 2009 annual (Toyota Car Recall List). The recall not only affects the market value of Toyota, but may also make Toyota has to face the wave of accusation in near future.

Toyota Recall Facts and Problems: Insult Added to Serious Injury as Toyota Suffers Downgrade. Moody’s cut Toyota’s rating from Aa1 to Aa2, saying that the auto maker’s profits were likely to continue to be low. Search our collection of Toyota recalls to find car defects for your specific year and model. Choose a vehicle below to read auto recall reports, with detailed explanations of the car defects, problems, and solutions from the manufacturer. Don’t wait until the worst case scenario has happened! Be sure to check the latest Toyota recall bulletins on a regular basis.

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