Traditions and Customs of China Salar Nationality

Camel Spring is deemed as a magic spring by the Salar people. It is said when the ancestor of the Salar people came to the nearby of the Yellow River from Mid-Asia, the white camel accompanying him sat at the foot of a mountain and became a jade camel spraying a spring from its mouth. The ancestor of the Salar people lived here.

The Salar people are mainly engaged in agriculture and they are good at operation of gardens. Almost all families have their own orchards and fruit trees.

The houses of the Salar people are mainly of siheyuan-style with brick-wood structure. Their houses are surrounded with 3~4m high walls made of mud. Each family has a square courtyard with a flowerbed. Most of the houses are single-storey because of scarce rainfall.

The men are fond of wearing white shirts, blue waistcoats and round caps, while the women like wearing brilliantly colored dresses with head covers.

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