Travel in Midwest disrupted after the winter storms

Getting the weather is very important before traveling, that can make sure a happy and safety travel time. Pfc. David Bosworth’s family in North Dakota had planned a belated Christmas celebration on Saturday to accommodate the 18-year-old Marine’s leave and travel time.

Instead of eating their traditional Christmas meal of pancakes, sausage and bacon at their home in the town of Mandan, Bosworth spent more than 24 hours at the Greyhound station in Chicago, his original bus trip canceled because of blizzards in the Midwest.

He and his fellow passengers finally left Chicago on a bus Sunday morning, more than a day later than expected. “I haven’t seen my family since early September,” said Bosworth, who was traveling from Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.

A number of bus trips were canceled from Thursday until Saturday “based on treacherous road conditions,” Greyhound spokeswoman Maureen Richmond said. The routes that left passengers in Chicago were most likely headed to or through Wisconsin and Michigan, Richmond said. Another passenger reported an overnight delay on a train headed to Colorado.

The passengers were provided meals and two buses where they could sleep, Richmond said. She didn’t know how many trips were canceled or how many passengers were delayed, though she believed everyone finally boarded buses out of the city by Sunday morning.

Richmond added that winter weather interrupted bus service in other parts of the country as well, and cited many canceled trips in Oklahoma and Texas.

As for Bosworth, it was his first time in Chicago, so he spent some of his unexpected layover visiting Navy Pier. He also slept for part of the time and “played Spades for like 20 hours straight” with a few fellow passengers he’d just met.

Bosworth said he hoped his family could re-create Christmas when he arrives home, especially since he’ll likely be serving in Afghanistan during the holidays next year.

His leave ends Jan. 5.

“It is what it is,” Bosworth said. “I make the best of everything.”

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