Wang Xiaoping tells you what the future will be like

Comments and Recommendations from Scholars of Science of Creation on The Second Declaration

It is no wonder that an ancient nation blowing a reed pipe and riding an ox in an inverse manner likes “to look behind”.

That a little girl has turned out such a great work in China’s academic world lacking fruits in futurology, is really “a shocking matter”!

In the war period,people said: “What will the future be like?That is, having land for farming, having meals to eat, living in storied buildings, using electric lamps and telephone!” Such a pitiful future picture was enough to inspire the soldiers to fight bravely at the risk of their life.

The old Toffler’s future prospect of 10–50 years has predicted many things, too. Little girl Wang Xiaoping is so bodacious that she brought up her own theory on death and the ultimate objectives of human development,a forbidden zone in futurology: “People can live for thousands of years, and mankind will develop into immortals”!

Wisdom is the supreme essential power of the “the lord of creation”, and those who have a high level of wisdom will become immortal earlier.

By her intuitive wisdom at the age of 20 or so, she has predicted the future of human life and the development trend of mankind; in comparison with those mediocre persons unaware of the advent of the major limit, can we not say she is already among the immortals?!

Reading The Second Declaration  is not merely “getting food for thought”,but also leading to great joy, leading to wealth, leading to longevity and leading to wisdom.

—Xu Guotai, an expert in innovative thinking, reputed as “King of Thinking of China”

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