Wang Xiaoping VS Alvin Toffler: a battle between East and West

 Wang Xiaoping VS Alvin Tofler: a battle between East and West

In a fishbowl were living a cabrilla and many tiny fish. After the glass separated the cabrilla from the tiny fish, whenever the cabrilla tried to catch the tiny fish, he knocked against the glass and failed every time. Later, the glass was removed, and the tiny fish were swimming about him, but the cabrilla would never touch them again. Thus, this cabrilla actually died in the fishbowl with rich food.

In real life, many people take the thinking mode and behavior pattern of the cabrilla, which leads to lots and lots of tragedies like the case of the cabrilla!

In the 21st century,the most important thing is not money, not resources,and even not technology,but the common ideal that can join up all the people in the world.

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