Wang Xiaopings achievement will come out with The Second Declaration

Comments and Appraises from Economists on The Second Declaration

If there is a “knowledge measurer” to measure all the girls under 21 in our country, I believe  Wang Xiaoping‘s score will come out at the top, even if it is not No.1. After reading the book, I was amazed:A 21-year-old girl should have such encyclopaedical knowledge!
The new technological revolution represented by life technology and information technology will change the life of mankind, change people’s working and living styles, resulting in great  transformation in industrial structure and economic structure, also leading to great changes in people’s social concepts, mores, legal systems and so on. Many things that seem to be useful today will become redundant;Many things that seem to be reasonable today will become absurd;Many things that seem to be moral today will become inhuman. About all the above mentioned, we can find some traces in Wang Xiaoping’s book.

Chinese people seem to be more interested in history than in future. China has numerous history experts, and countless history monographs. Now it seems we have a greater need to study the future,so as to use a futuristic thinking to reflect on the present and use a future vision to program tomorrow.

— Zhong Mingrong, an eminent economist, Head of Beijing Eyeshot Consultation Center

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