Why do most Chinese women look younger than their age?

Why do most Chinese women look younger than their age? Why Do Asians Look So Young Sometimes? Or Most Of The time? What make Asians (especially Koreans and Chinese) between the ages of 35 – 60 look young and petite, compare to other whites and blacks of similar age bracket? Why are Chinese women so beautiful?

Chinese women look younger than their age

Chinese women look younger than their age

Why do most Chinese women look younger than their age? How do they do it?

According to ancient Chinese secret, Chinese beauty lies in the water that cooks the food, the type of food consumed and the air breathe. Base on these, the truth is beauty has gone and replaced by cosmetics. Glad to know that you do and will stay in great beauty with refined elegance for life long!

Chinese women are very conscious of their appearance and their health. In my experience they try hard to remain attractive and fit. However this does not explain the fact that Chinese children and adolescents look much younger too. children of 7 look like western children of 5 years old. I have come to the opinion that Asian people are naturally young looking or natural beauty.

Asian Girls Look So Young

Asian Girls Look So Young

I have also come to the opinion that generally many western men and women (particularly British) do not really care about their appearance or health.

It’s no secret many people of Asian ethnicity look younger beyond their years. You all probably dunknow this. They splash rice powders mixed with water on their face.

Rice calm and soothe the skin.It prevents breakout. I think u cannot get this in the western countries but over here in Asia,it is a common item.

climate. make-up. food and so much other factors in there ..Yes, and Chinese ‘beauty’ product also contain lead and other toxins to ‘bleach skin’. In 10 + years time there will probably be an epidemic of skin cancers in China as many of the locally produced products would fail international health and safety standards.

Perhaps, you want to take a look at females from Suzhou and Hangzhou. They are really beautiful!

I will discuss three things:

Body fat
Skin color
Gray Hair

Yes that is true, Asian skin has more fat under it, fat in East Asians bodies (on average) is more spread out equally than whites. Asians are more likely to be “skinny fat”, basically look thin but have lower muscle tone, more fat per % of body weight, and that fat also makes the skin look more full…”natural botox”…

Most would agree that Chinese women look younger than their age while Western women tend to look younger. Brightside lists 12 habits that help Chinese women stay young. Do you agree?

Chinese women spend hefty amounts of money on beauty products.

Chinese ladies are totally into the worldwide slimming trend.

A girl in China should be sweet and adorable: a permanent little princess.

The Chinese wake up early, go to bed early, and take a mandatory nap after lunch.

Every Chinese woman knows which food is ”good for women” in any given season.

They’re averse to chocolate and sweets in general.

They love taking selfies and posting their photos on Chinese social networks.

The second biggest enemy of Chinese women after the sun is cold. They only drink hot water, and some of them don’t eat ice cream…ever.

Chinese women always cover the top of their bodies. They may wear a miniskirt, and that would be perfectly fine, but even the smallest cut may be considered outrageous.

The mother of a newborn baby stays in bed for a month after giving birth. She never goes out, and she is wrapped in the warmest clothes while in the house.

The beauty of Chinese ladies is very much supported by them feeling attractive and ladylike, and their men deserve credit for this. There’s no place in the world where women are so cared for and pampered.

Chinese women will do almost anything to get a fairer skin shade.

I believe many may, the ones still in the villages or smaller towns. I know of many, at least a handful of women here in Shenzhen that do not live by this tradition. They wore make-up during their pregnancy and also washed their hair days after giving birth.

There’s no point in covering the top when the blouse you wear is see-thru. Here’s a tip, ladies. When buying a top, wear something other than just a bra underneath it. And for crying out loud, colour co-ordinate and learn some fashion sense. A black bra with a white blouse looks like you were dressed by a blind person, and a strapped bra with a strapless blouse is nothing short of a fashion faux-pas.

The only reason people in China drink hot water all the time, is because normal tap water is so bad, it has to be boiled to kill all the germs, first.

The definition of “narcissism” is “Number of Selfies per Hour”. On another note … How in the world does taking selfies and posting them on social media sites help you to stay young-looking? There is absolutely no relationship whatsoever.

The worldwide slimming trend has been proven to be very unhealthy, and stereotypes women. I guess China didn’t get the memo. Many women don’t buy made-in-China cosmetic products. They invest a lot of money on foreign products.

Do you think it is desirable that women invest money on cosmetics, especially on such quantities??? Do you think vanity is a virtue?

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