Why Wang Xiaoping Wrote The Second Declaration

Why should man fall ill and die? How to avoid such a tragic finale? That is the supreme truth mankind should seek. With regard to this supreme truth, in the several thousand years, no saint or wise people were able to find the right answer. Sakyamuni gave up everything in order to save mankind, but he was unable to help people get rid of the sufferings of birth, aging, illness and dying in the real sense, either. He only offered a self-delusive medicine, giving life and death to the Great Beyond in illusion, hoping for Metempsychosis in illusion. Or,like what Confucians have done: use the three immortal ways of “building the merits, building the virtue and building the sayings” to make people have a sense of immortality and eternal life. It is another way to escape from life and death temporarily.

Before the breakthrough in gene engineering, we have to say the practices of Buddhism, Confucianism and other schools were wise ways, as they can relieve our pains. However,even if the pains are relieved,in the face of death, first of all, we will still feel sad and helpless. So to speak,although Buddhists have found a remedy out of their noble idea, as a matter of fact, what they have found is only a self-consoling compromise in the face of a fate considered as inevitable by them.

Today,the finding in gene research has opened the book from Heaven about human life, and the fundamental secrets of birth, aging, illness and death can be disclosed to the world at last, and the scientific truth on the life process can be mastered by mankind finally! Hence,mankind’s greatest tribulation can come to the end gradually, the greatest happiness of mankind has become hopeful at last. Only that is the true mission and real value of gene research and life sciences!

After the whole mankind’s genomic mystery is unveiled, many problems will be solved readily. We can know: How to live a life of 800 years? Why do some people have an innate melon-shaped face or phoenix-typed eyes? Behind those horrible incurable diseases such as cancer, parkinson, what genes are the causes?
 Now,mankind can come out of the dark journey of birth, aging, illness and death at last!
 Now,what mankind lacks most is the Prometheus who can steal the heavenly fire of life!

Now,the choice we are faced with is:Extreme happiness, or total destruction of our race! The unprecedented fortune or misfortune of each of the 6 billion people on earth will chiefly depend on our concept, attitude, understanding and action about life sciences represented by the gene science.

I was so excited by all those that I made up my mind:I must write this book well,in despite of any cost!

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