Wisdom on Eternal Life and Immortality

Balzac engraved a motto in his walking stick: “I have broken obstacles one after another”, but Kaffka said: “Obstacles one after another have broken me”.

 In the great undertaking of eternal life, it is very necessary for us to draw wisdom from Sun Tzu, the great strategist and sage of ancient China: “A wise man’s consideration must involve both benefit and harm. When it concerns benefit, it will lead to credible practice; when it focuses on harm, it will result in solution to problems.”

 We should not only expect the benefit to be brought about by eternal life and underestimate the price for it.

 We need to make clear which prices are what we must pay and which prices are avoidable.

 We should neither borrow trouble, nor be optimistic blindly. We need no shallow optimism,only need a profound optimism, that is, optimism that comes after seeing the misery.

 We never need flubdub or gag, nor do we need alarmism made deliberately for mystification, but only need to think about problems in a rational, logical, objective and dialectical way.

 On the one hand,we should have a full imagination of the prospect of the great benefit to be brought about by eternal life;On the other hand,we should never evade or dare not say the possible great worries and all kinds of problems to be brought about by eternal life.

 When we take a deeper look at “eternal life” or “prolonging the lifespan”, we will be sieged by various questions immediately:

 Someone says, eternal life will result in population explosion,and population explosion will overburden the earth…

 Someone says, prolonging human life will aggravate aging of population, and the 21st century will become a world of old people. In ancient times, there was once such a practice: people carried old people above 60 on their backs to the wild forest to let them feed wolves. Who can guarantee such a tragedy will not appear again …

 Someone says, population explosion and life-time dilation will cause an even greater unrest to the employment market, and the “bread” problem will worry numerous pitiable people to death…

Also, someone says, along with it, grain and energy sources will be exhausted, so, the food crisis and energy crisis will follow in close succession…

 All such problems have turned “eternal life”, this most attractive dream, into a big headache to many people. Here, what we need most is to shift from the infant’s way of thinking of “back or white” to the wise man’s way of thinking that considers both benefit and harm. For the benefit, we should think to the extreme;For the harm, we should also think to the extreme. And,in considering the harm, the purpose is to think up countermeasures so as to remove the harm.

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