Zhang Ziyi Multiple Gate Scandal: Chinese Actress Ink Splash Gate

China famous actress Zhang Ziyi was caught in Multiple Gate Scandal. You must have learned Zhang Ziyi Earthquake Donation Gate Scandal (诈捐门, zha juan men in Chinese), but how about Chinese Actress Ink Splash Gate?

Zhang Ziyi Earthquake Donation Gate Scandal Photo

Zhang Ziyi Earthquake Donation Gate Scandal Photo

Zhang Ziyi Multiple Gate Scandal, with Actress Ink Splash Gate Leads

OK, first, let’s take a look at the development course of Zhang Ziyi Multiple Gate Scandal, which is as follows:

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi dogged by various scandals: Zhang Zi Yi’s posters were inked→Through the media, Zhao Xinyu broke the news that Zhang Zi Yi was tangled with a married businessman→Zhang Ziyi prosecuted the media for rumormangering→Zhao claimed that it was just her friend to ink Zhang’s posters→Zhang Ziyi was accused of making the donation unaccounted and then the “Ink Gate Scandal”turned in to “Donation Fraud Gate Scandal”.

China Movie Actress Zhang Ziyi Photo

China movie Actress Zhang Ziyi Photo

The “Zhang Ziyi Ink Splash Gate Scandal” posts are always at the top of Chinese forums and communities, so I believe a lot of people, like me, are curious about Zhang Ziyi’s fund-raising efforts after the May 12th Sichuan earthquake in 2008.

Zhang Ziyi Earthquake Donation Fraud Gate Scandal: Chinese film star Zhang Ziyi is being criticized for not yet honoring her more than $1 million commitment to earthquake relief in Sichuan. Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi raises fund for Sichuan earthquake victims during the 2008 Cannes Film Festival. Zhang Ziyi has donated 160,000 yuan to make up for a shortfall to the 1-million-yuan donation she claimed to have made after the Sichuan earthquake.

I know Tianya’s human-flesh search is very strong, so let’s find out the truth together. If any Zhang Ziyi fans know the whereabouts of the relief money, then please don’t hide it — post the location. [“Ink Splash Gate Scandal” is when some people splashed black ink on a big Zhang Ziyi poster advertisement last December.]





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